MBM Refrigeration DOMINA

The stainless steel AISI 304 structure and the tropicalization class (Climate class: 5; Temperature: +43 °C) of the new DOMINArefrigerated cabinets ensure high
performances and durability of products in special conditions,such as sea areas, prone to corrosion processes. The inner air-fl ow is optimized and ensures an even
temperature distribution and appropriate humidity percentages at any level for an ideal food preservation. The Plug-In system signifi cantly improves the energy
effi ciency of the evaporator-fan unit and the front accessibility of the refrigerant unit offers easy access for the maintenance, as well as provide a reduction in maintenance
costs. The evaporator is treated with anti-corrosion coating. A digital fan control (low temperatures models), combined with anaudio and visual warning, stops fan and
compressor after prolonged accidental door openings. The internal rounded edges and a moulded bottom guarantee maximum hygiene and easy cleaning operation.
The ergonomically designed doors are self-closing, and equipped with a safety lock with a standard key. The tightness is ensured by a special door gasket, very easy to
replace when needed. The heated frame, in the negative temperature (-20/-10 °C) models, prevents door blocking due to the low temperature. The defrost is automatic. The
condensate evaporation is automatic, by hot gas. The DOMINArefrigerated cabinets are equipped with gas pressure check gauge. The DOMINAseries is equipped with a
multifunction display that allows an easy and intuitive management