ANIMO Bulk brewer

Bulk brewer for large and quickly brewed coffee
It is good to know that even when large groups of people come together, the ComBi-line bulk brewers produce large quantities of fresh coffee or tea in a short period of time.

Bulk brewer type CB 2x ..
Anyone brewing and serving coffee and tea at one central location will choose a worktop arrangement. The stainless steel bulk brewer has 1 brewing unit and 2 removable containers. Containers are available in capacities of 5, 10 and 20 litres.

Easy to use
The amount of coffee can be programmed quickly by using the soft key panel at the front of the brewing unit. The coffee dosage indicated on the display of the bulk brewer ensures a good taste of the coffee. An acoustic signal indicates when the coffee is ready. The built-in descaling program makes it very easy to descale the unit.

Perfect temperature
When preparing coffee and tea, having the right temperature is crucial. The unique synthetic filters are extremely user-friendly thanks to their light weight. The synthetic material ensures minimum temperature loss. The electrically heated containers guarantee optimum temperature control for coffee and tea, ensuring that the flavour remains good and fresh.

Safety first!
The double walled container does not become hot on the outside. The bulk brewer is equipped with swivel arm protection and container detection. Hot water can therefore only be dispensed when a container has been positioned properly and the swivel arm has been placed correctly above the filter.

In summary

  • Execution with 2 containers of 5, 10 or 20 ltr.
  • Containers with gauge glass
  • Coffee dosing advice
  • Timer
  • Coffee ready signal
  • LCD with user menu, operator menu (PIN) and service menu
  • Day and total counter
  • Swivel arm protection
  • Container detection
  • Fixed water connection 3/4″
  • Easy to clean