The result of a perfectly controlled technology! The oven FC 110 E, a real baking oven associating convection and steam production,enables also to cook pastries, souffles, sauce dishes etc. Moreover, the upper salamander with infrared quartztubes (1050°C) is ventilated through the turbine and increases cooking possibilities of every kind of meals : gratins, meat, fish, cakes and more ! Bakery oven : convection + steam production + humidification. The injectionof water at high temperature is automatically preset in quantity and time for a smooth, regular and perfectly controlled baking. Reversible turbine every 2 minute. Defrosting: cold convection to defrost or cool products very quickly. Quick temperature rising: 300°C in 10’. Features : thermostat 0-300°C, 120 min. bell timer with lock position for non-stop use, 2 inside lamps, adjustable feet. Push-on knob for steam production,turbine Ø 210, motor with alternate rotation (every 2 min) half (baking of soufflés,meringues, muffins…) or full power to spread the heat all over the cooking chamber, air-cooling system, removable inside scales. Delivered without any grid.


The warming display GN 1/1 keeps your products warm at constant temperature (95°C). The humidity control thanks to a water container is indispensable to keep the products moist and delicious: buns, pizzas, croissants, savouries, cheese puffs etc. The display is fitted out with a top illuminated display sign which can be customised upon request according to quantities. Efficient and practical with front and rear openings thanks to liftable doors. Removable stainless steel presentation tray with top section in glass for easy cleaning and maintenance. Features: thermostat (0-95°C), water container, on/off switch, pilot light, adjustable feet. Available in 2 colours : gold and stainless steel. Delivered with no GN tray.


The wheeled and stainless steel concept cart MG-02 is a cupboard with illuminated display “Waffle Party” for the take-away of every kind of Belgian waffles or waffles on sticks. It can accomodate every kind of catering appliances to be placed on the work surface.  A hold space is meant for the Roller Grill built-in sauce or chocolate warmer WI/DP.  2 openings enable the protected pass through of cables. The glass sneeze guard is fitted out with a plate-holder for the service. The stainless steel basehas large storage spaces thanks to an intermediate stainless steel adjustable shelf. This base can be locked through a key lock and 2 sliding doors with integrated handles. Features: Stainless steel cabinet 18/10, intermediate shelf, glass sneezeguard (LxH = 1000 x 300 mm), a stainless steel plate (LxW = 250 x 265 mm),an illuminated display sign is customizable upon request (850 x 600 mm).Switch, 2 sockets (16A/220-240v/1 phase) for connecting devices, 2 slidingdoors with integrated handles and key lock. Cabinet mounted on 4 wheels, 2with brake system. Delivered with no appliance. Option: 2 shelves with stainless steel stopper(L x W x H= 310 x 600 x 220 mm; Weight: 3 kg each)

ROLLER GRILL Electric Rotisserie

This electric rotisserie RBE 200 (20 chickens) is a high capacity rotisserie which enables you to cook and roast 20 chickens in the same time. This rotisserie is fitted out with 10 infrared quartz tubes (1050°C) with individual regulation for each spit: 1 or 2 heating elements for a better cooking control. This electric model has been developed in the aim of a simple and quick use: • for the cooking: new spits easy to use, no more forks or inserts, you just have to directly skewer the chickens, one after the other. Each heating area is individually adjustable to offer you a complete autonomy according to the quantity of chickens to roast. • for the maintenance : you can manually take off the back suspended panel (electric model), making easier the cleaning and any technical intervention. Features : halogen light on top part (300W), safety glass doors, waterproof juice collector. Ventilated motors. Pilot lights. Options: armoured heating elements (RBE 200 B = 14 kw), feet 100mm(CE-UL/NSF). Spit B3 for rib steaks, piece of poultries. Wheeled table with brake systems TS 1 = 805 x 345 x 710 mm.


The professional counter top fryer RF 50 D ( 2 x 5 Liters ) with cold-zone is particularly suitable for fast food restaurants. The model FD 50 D is a double counter top fryer with double containers, independantly controlled for double output  at peak times or to leave one container free for frying other foodstuffs. Automatic oil filtering by decanting allows you to fry chips, fish, doughnuts, etc. in succession using the same oil and using minimal quantities of oil, without carbonisation and, therefore, without transmitting taste or smell. Accurate and safe : thanks to a precise bulb thermostat in stainlesssteel, a double safety thermostat which cuts out in case of overheatingor lack of oil and a microswitch. The baskets are fitted with heat resistant handles. Easy cleaning : 10 completely removable parts, oil container can bewashed in dishwasher. Features: precise bulb thermostats, safety thermostats, microswithes, pilot lights.