ANIMO Coffee Machine

Coffee machine for cups and jugs With one touch of a button the OptiVend TS NG coffee machine makes a delicious cup of fresh coffee! The coffee machine has a high capacity, there is no heating time. An entire jug can be poured in no time. Furthermore, the coffee machine has a slide-out plateau, which makes it easy to dispense coffee into cups. Coffee varieties The OptiVend TS NG has maximum 6 containers for instant ingredients. In addition to ‘regular’ coffee, the coffee machine also offers a wide range of coffee varieties. A strong espresso, a cappuccino with a thick and creamy head or a Wiener melange. You can prepare almost any coffee variety quickly and easily with an OptiVend machine! The OptiVend has a separate hot water output for tea. Stylish design and low maintenance costs The OptiVend is designed as compactly as possible and produced in stylish stainless steel. The OptiVend is fitted with a design door with a beautiful graphic display. The coffee machine requires minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning can be done very quickly and easily. Where to use? The excellent price/quality ratio of the OptiVend makes the coffee machine exceptionally interesting for organisations that demand a great deal in terms of flavour, choice and convenience, but also work with a tight budget. Drink variations Standard 10 Flexible drink selections, 10 preset: Coffee crème Coffee with milk Coffee with sugar Coffee with milk and sugar Hot chocolate Coffee chocolate Cappuccino Hot water Hot water (jug) Coffee (jug) The drink selections depend […]

ANIMO Bulk brewer

Bulk brewer for large and quickly brewed coffee It is good to know that even when large groups of people come together, the ComBi-line bulk brewers produce large quantities of fresh coffee or tea in a short period of time. Bulk brewer type CB 2x .. Anyone brewing and serving coffee and tea at one central location will choose a worktop arrangement. The stainless steel bulk brewer has 1 brewing unit and 2 removable containers. Containers are available in capacities of 5, 10 and 20 litres. Easy to use The amount of coffee can be programmed quickly by using the soft key panel at the front of the brewing unit. The coffee dosage indicated on the display of the bulk brewer ensures a good taste of the coffee. An acoustic signal indicates when the coffee is ready. The built-in descaling program makes it very easy to descale the unit. Perfect temperature When preparing coffee and tea, having the right temperature is crucial. The unique synthetic filters are extremely user-friendly thanks to their light weight. The synthetic material ensures minimum temperature loss. The electrically heated containers guarantee optimum temperature control for coffee and tea, ensuring that the flavour remains good and fresh. Safety first! The double walled container does not become hot on the outside. The bulk brewer is equipped with swivel arm protection and container detection. Hot water can therefore only be dispensed when a container has been positioned properly and the swivel arm has been placed correctly above the […]


Water cooler for fresh, pure and cold water With the Animo OptiCool water cooler you can enjoy fresh, pure and cold water at every moment of the day. The OptiCool is a water cooler which you easily connect to the water system. The OptiCool also means no more lifting of heavy bottles and no need to keep bottles in stock, which will save you costs and space. Unique water cooler Because the OptiCool is equipped with a direct cooling system, negative influences from the outside (such as bacteria) do not get the chance to affect the quality of the water. By the use of a water filter funny tastes, if any, will be removed and the flavour of water will be even more optimal. For jugs, bottles and glasses Especially for filling jugs, Animo has developed the water cooler OptiCool TS. This water cooler also has a plateau which makes it easy to dispense into glasses. Where to use? Water is a very important ingredient for a healthy life. The OptiCool water cooler is ideal for in the office, waiting rooms, sport centres, canteens, hotels, restaurants…. For organisations that demand a great deal in terms of flavour, choice and convenience, but also work with a tight budget. A cool offer from Animo To let everyone enjoy a nice glass of cold water, Animo has a special offer untill 1 July 2008. For more information, request a quotation! In summary Continuous supply of pure, cold and delicious water Suitable for filling […]

ANIMO Water Boiler

A water boiler for constant supply of hot water The storage water boilers of the WKT-Dn range guarantee a constant supply of hot water. Executions The water boilers have a capacity of 5, 10 and 20 litres and are available with (VA) or without (HA) water connection. Each water boiler in this range is equippes with a no-drip tap with gauge glass, a spare gauge glass, insulated lid, stainless steel heating element, dry-boil protection and an adjustable thermostat to ensure exactly the right temperature. Safety first! The double walled stainless steel housing of the water boiler is insulated with polyurethane. This keeps the water at the right temperature and also prevents the boiler housing from becoming too hot. In summary Content 5, 10 of 20 litres Manual filling or fixed water connection 3/4″ Adjustable thermostat 0 – 96°C Double walled stainless steel 18/9 Insulated with polyurethane Integrated gauge glass Including spare gauge glass Dry-boil protection No-drip tap 220-240V/3200W

ANIMO Serving Trolley

Serving trolley for rinsing baskets Serving trolley especially designed for the transportation of rinsing baskets for plates and dishes. Each basket takes up to 30 cups and saucers. The tubular frame contains fittings so that removable trays, rinsing baskets and drawers can be placed at any height. The rinsing basket can be taken directly to and from the dishwasher. Ergonomic The trolley is provided with an ergonomic push/pull bracket. The open construction of the undercarriage keeps the overall weight down. In summary For 2 containers Suitable for removable trays, rinsing baskets and drawers 2 fixed wheels, 2 castor wheels (of which 1 with brake) Dimensions top plate; 1150 (w) x 570 (d) mm. Stainless steel 18/9